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Finalist Projects

Explore 30 finalist World Justice Challenge projects. Ask questions to project representatives and exchange ideas about how to improve projects and advance rule of law in your community.

Access to Justice for All

Legal identity, gender-based violence, discrimination and the capacity and functioning of justice systems have all been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Connect with A2J practitioners, advocates, and experts to spark ideas and exchange knowledge about how to improve access to justice for all and ensure delivery of justice during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Accountable Governance

Governments have abused emergency powers, and elections have been affected by restrictive measures due to the pandemic, all while legislative, judicial and other oversight bodies have had to downshift their activities due to the pandemic. Connect with other practitioners, advocates and experts to explore how to ensure governing institutions are accountable, and non-governmental checks can function to restore liberties during the pandemic.

Anti-Corruption and Open Government

Governments have mobilized massive resources to respond to the health and economic crises caused by the pandemic. At the same time, many governments have enacted emergency procurement procedures and suspended corruption prevention and enforcement mechanisms. Connect with practitioners, advocates and experts to explore how to support an open and just recovery process, and build back better rule-of-law-based societies.

Fundamental Rights and Non-Discrimination

The pandemic has caused states to respond in ways that are discriminatory and unequal in their effects on minority and vulnerable groups, along with restricting freedoms of expression and assembly, right to information and privacy, and undermining due process and the rights of detainees. Connect with practitioners, advocates and experts to explore how to ensure that the rights and freedoms of individuals are guaranteed throughout the recovery process and that threats to non-discrimination and civil liberties are addressed.

General Discussion

Come and meet your colleagues near and far! Introduce yourself, find a networking space, or share information on other rule of law themes such as civil and criminal justice, order and security, and regulatory enforcement!


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