Data Science, Analytics for Transparent Public Procurement

Hi everyone,

I’m Frei from Layertech Labs in PH, and we are one of the finalists. Our project is OCDex: An Open Contracting Analytics Research Platform for Business Intelligence and Stakeholder Monitoring of Philippine Government Procurement (Please feel free to check the details out!)

One of our key activities is partnering with researchers and state universities, programmers, in creating tools that use public procurement data to detect red-flags in government procurement. We also have faculty and industry researchers who frequently use the data (and tools) to generate various insights on how to make the procurement process fairer and more efficient.

Some of our published studies (peer-reviewed) include:

  1. Use of Procurement data to help in HIV/AIDS advocacy. - Here, we partnered with civil society organization working on HIV/AIDS advocacy, and trained them how to use the tools, to inspect HIV/AIDS related contract prices. The DOI is: 10.1145/3380688.3380719.

  2. Another impact is, we used the procurement data to generate business intelligence to reduce the cost of bidding of local MSMEs. By processing and presenting procurement data in forms that answer bidders’ key information requirements, we were able to INCREASE bidding confidence, resulting in more bids. (the paper is still waiting to be indexed, but has been presented already)

  3. Another use is, we were able to use AUTOMATED PROCESS MINING to detect and predict possible bottlenecks in the procurement process! :slight_smile: We tested this on a State University and the results are very promising! Meaning, you can automate bottleneck detection for every procuring entity. This saves time, effort, and always pre-empts you of possible bottlenecks. A paper on the technicalities is: HEURISTICS MINING using PROCUREMENT DATA

  4. Last but not the least, our researchers were able to use procurement data, to come up with policy and practice recommendations re: COVID-19. We actually made a handbook outlining these. Its free and you can access it here: PROCUREMENT ANALYTICS HANDBOOK - VOL1

Technology and analytics is a game-changer in transparency and governance. Many of the things that limit us can be addressed by technology— provided deployed properly on the ground. Many are afraid to reveal red-flags, in fear for their lives, or for the lack of evidence. Technology can HELP address these. Differential privacy, advances in cryptography, analytics, and more. I think the academia, the youth, is a very powerful sector to tap in this digital age!

We have a lot of published work, pre-prints and reports. Please feel free to visit our page and we will be happy to hear your thoughts, exchange insights, and share our learnings! :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing our study, ms. Frei.