FINALIST: Constructing Transparency: Promoting Justice in Honduras Through Good Governance and Strong Public Management

Ask questions for the Constructing Transparency: Promoting Justice in Honduras Through Good Governance and Strong Public Management project here!

Constructing Transparency: Promoting Justice in Honduras Through Good Governance and Strong Public Management
Asociación para una Sociedad más Justa, Honduras

ABOUT: The Constructing Transparency project combats systemic corruption in Honduras by evaluating government institutions’ human resources, purchases, and results. The project has seen widespread impact in increasing institutions’ compliance with transparency standards, resulting in better education, security, and social services for Hondurans. During COVID-19, the project used its innovative methodology to audit $80 million of national emergency-purchased COVID-19 tests, ventilators, biosecurity gear, and mobile hospitals. Its findings helped fuel an outcry for transparency and sparked changes in national decision-making that continue to benefit public health.

Learn more about this project on the World Justice Challenge website.

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Hello everyone,

My name is Kurt and I’m the President of ASJ in Honduras. I’m here with my wonderful colleague, @KGarcia. ASJ’s Constructing Transparency project investigates Honduran government institutions’ human resources, contracts and purchasing (most recently, emergency COVID-19 purchases). We’re happy to answer any questions you have about how our project’s methodology and impact.


Thanks Kurt! I’m the Director of Governance and Public Management at ASJ and helped coordinate a 30-person team that investigated Honduras’ COVID-19 purchases last year. Both Kurt and I are Spanish and English speakers, so feel free to converse in either language. Somos bilingües y esperamos sus preguntas.


As the world moves toward recovery, our project is pivoting to audit on Honduras’ purchases of COVID-19 vaccines. Are any other WJC Finalists pursuing this path and what have you found?


Our team is currently using this beta website to share information about vaccines in Honduras. We hope to expand and improve on it in the future: VACUNAS ABIERTAS

The project is very intriguing! It’s a shame how amidst the pandemic crisis, some people took the opportunity to benefit themselves. The same thing also happens in my country.

What are your main challenges in evaluating the government institutions and in the overall project?

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Thanks for your question, Elisabeth!
Some challenges we’ve seen:

  • Frequent turnovers in government ministry leadership means we have to build new relationships and political will for transparency
  • Lack of capacity at these institutions had left a legacy where there weren’t set processes for deciding how a purchase was made or someone was hired. This meant you had to replace or train a certain degree of the institutions’ staff if you wanted to see change.

In every institution, we try to find the quiet workers who want to see transparency and we work to equip them to be lasting forces of change from the inside.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in your work, and how have you overcome them?

Thank you for your question, @elisabeth.saraswati! I would love to hear more about your work on the Corruption Eradication Commission. What kind of issues do you focus on and how do you build political will for change?

I had the honor of recently sharing about our work in Honduras with the Italy onData project at an OECD Anticorruption conference session hosted by WJP. I invite you to take a listen as another way to learn about our COVID-19 project, and let me know if you have questions. Transparent Procurement for COVID-19: A Conversation with Implementers - YouTube

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We recently presented the first of our reports on Honduras’ COVID-19 vaccine distribution. I encourage you to check out the major findings (in Spanish) here:

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To complement our work for transparency in vaccine distribution, we’re also advocating for global vaccine equity so that countries like Honduras have access to COVID-19 supplies and recipes. Learn more on our website and join us in calling for People’s Vaccine!