FINALIST: COVID-19: Seguras en Casa (COVID-19: Women Safe at Home)

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COVID-19: Seguras en Casa (COVID-19: Women Safe at Home)
UNDP Mexico, Mexico

ABOUT: The project focuses on preventing and addressing violence against women in Mexico City, a public health problem exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic containment measures. The project is based on five strategies: a hotline protocol to assist women at risk and in emergency situations; a community and sorority network to support women; a series of recommendations to strengthen institutional coordination mechanisms; direct financial support for women at risk of violence; and an online training program for public servants. Furthermore, to raise awareness about gender-based-violence in the community, seven outdoor “From Your Window” movie screenings were organized.

Learn more about this project on the World Justice Challenge website.


Hola! I have just watched the recording for the LAC regional showcase and thought the Seguras en Casa project was particularly interesting. Could you provide a little bit more information on how you ensured that women directly received socioeconomic support and had access to public services considering many of them were living in at-risk or unsafe situations. Additionally, have any of your recommendations for local and national institutions resulted in policy changes or new initiatives by the government? Thanks!


Hola JayaK!!

Many thanks for your comment! For sure! These women were selected among women that already had requested support from the Luna Centers of the Mexico City Government, so the Luna Centers ensured that these women were able to access basic services and public services. Also, we made a close follow-up of these women through a Real-Time Monitoring (RTM) tool used in emergency situations, such as refugees’ camps. This tool allowed us to track how women were using the money, resulting principally in school supplies, food, and rental.
As recommendations for institutions, it is needed to pay special attention to gender-based violence in emergency contexts, since women are going to be the most affected. Interinstitutional coordination mechanisms are fundamental in order to give prompt attention to women victims of violence. Additionally, campaigns to prevent this kind of violence are needed to sensitize people about this problem.


I am Hezekiah Deboboye Olujobi, the Director for Centre for Justice Mercy and Reconciliation. An organization based in Ibadan, Nigeria. For more information visit
I submitted proposal for wjpchallenge 2021 and I was not selected. My organization achieved much in Nigeria access for Justice project for those wrongfully sentenced to death and those detained ilegaly. Please how can I gain more recognition in this forum?

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Hi @HezekiahOlujobi1, welcome to the platform! If you want to share more about your work on access to justice in Nigeria on this platform, please feel free to create a post on our Access to Justice topic page! To create a new post, hit the button titled, “New Topic” on the upper right corner of the screen. We’re looking forward to hearing more about your work!

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Great, thanks for all the amazing work to do! Good luck for the competition!


Hola desde Rusia! Such an important project in the current situation! And I wonder as the COVID-19 pandemic does not cease, do you have any intention to continue the project and launch any other initiatives?


Hola Ksenia! Many thanks for your interest. We’re still working with COVID-19: Women safe at home with other partners, in order to strengthen the emergency line for women, creating a bot for families and neighbours wintess of violence, and developing tools for media to communicate with gender perspective. We’re also starting a project in Chiapas (a southern state in Mexico) that would seek resiliencie of indigenous and rural women to the impacts of COVID-19, mainly in gender-based violence, financial inclusion and food security.

Es una excelente iniciativa para las mexicanas y el contexto de violencia sistemática que vivimos.

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¡Muchas gracias, Danitza!

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