FINALIST: Jaat Ko Prashna (Question of Caste)

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Jaat Ko Prashna (Question of Caste)
Samata Foundation, Nepal

ABOUT: Jaat ko Prashna, a television program, addressed deeply rooted caste-based discrimination and violence in Nepal. It empowered the Dalit community to speak out against discrimination faced by them. Importantly, it effected polity-level changes: after participating in the program, the Chief Minister of Province 2 convened the first meeting of the Cast-Based Discrimination and Untouchability Monitoring Unit. Similarly, Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba, the ex-prime minister and opposition party leader, made public commitments toward totally inclusive and proportional representation as mandated by the Constitution of Nepal. Jaat ko Prashna transformed the question of caste into a topic for household conversation in Nepal.

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