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Colombia Ministry of Justice, Colombia

ABOUT: LegalApp is a free consultation web tool that uses simple language that is easy for citizens to understand, offering information on how to carry out formalities, procedures, or “justice routes” for conflict resolution. In addition, through a directory of institutions, it indicates the authority or entity that users can go to, with their exact location, and allows scheduling appointments for legal advice in specific cases, with allied legal clinics at universities throughout the country.

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Hello! I would be interesting in learning more about how LegalApp is ensuring that vulnerable populations, such as those who don’t have internet or have a strong distrust of government, have increased access to justice during Covid-19?

Hi Jaya,

Thanks for your question.

In order to reach those populations that have difficulties accessing the internet, we created a version called LegalApp Rural, this is an offline software that can be installed on computers and does not need internet to work.

Likewise, during the COVID 19 pandemic we have been linking university legal clinics around the country to advise and assist LegalApp users so that they can access justice services.

In the same way, the explanation of the contents is carried out in a simple and clear language, so that people can knowingly approach the competent authorities to resolve their conflict.