FINALIST: Purchasing Observatory COVID-19

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Purchasing Observatory COVID-19
Poder Ciudadano, Argentina

ABOUT: Poder Ciudadano created the Public Procurement Observatory COVID-19 with the aim of improving the integrity of public procurement based on parameters of open information, transparency, and accountability.

It is the only open data portal that monitors emergency public procurement at the national level in Argentina and its database was used by control agencies, CSOs, and journalists for its clarity and potential to detect irregularities in public procurement to address the health and social emergency.

Its methodology can be replicated at the subnational and regional level, and extended to the entire procurement cycle, especially the procurement of vaccines to address COVID-19.

Learn more about this project on the World Justice Challenge website.

Hi @gemanuele ! I attended yesterday’s Latin America and Caribbean regional showcase and really enjoyed hearing about your project! It reminds me a lot of one of our other finalist projects FINALIST: AppaltiPOP!

I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce to @nelsonmau who is the project’s representative, I’m sure there are a lot of synergies that you two can talk about it and compare your approaches!


Hi @gemanuele, nice to meet you and glad to discuss with you!

Thank you @KDorier ! Congratulation for the regional Showcase. It was very interesting, and we are very proud of being part of that.
Hi @nelsonmau. I hope you are fine, and nice to meet you.

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Hello! I found your presentation at the last regional showcase very interesting. I’d love to know more about how your database and tracking of procurements has led to more accountability or policy changes?

Dear Jaya,

I hope you are doing very well. Thank you for your interest in our initiative. Yo can see the public procurement observatory here:

Actually we have monitored more than 1000 COVID 19 Public Procurement, from 80 public organism. You can see all our work and impact here: Poder CiudadanoSearch for "covid" -

If you have any doubts, please tell me know.


Thanks for sharing those resources!