HONORABLE MENTION: For the Children's Sake - Court-Referred Pro Bono Mediation

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** For the Children’s Sake - Court-Referred Pro Bono Mediation**
For the Children’s Sake, South Africa

ABOUT: Justice delayed is justice denied; we provide speedy access to justice in a terribly overloaded court system. Our solution is restorative justice by pro-bono mediation of court-referred matters. We assist the government in its mandate, we reduce court caseloads and time to resolution. The voices of women and children are heard. We minimize the devastating effects on children of protracted parental conflict. Children who are forgotten in the toxic dialogue of antagonism and remain part of the tug-of-war suffer secondary trauma and permanent health and psychiatric issues. We also resolve cases of domestic violence which is endemic in South Africa.

Learn more about this project on the World Justice Challenge website.