HONORABLE MENTION: JAGA – Jaringan Pencegahan Korupsi (Corruption Prevention Network)

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JAGA – Jaringan Pencegahan Korupsi (Corruption Prevention Network)
Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (Corruption Eradication Commission), Indonesia

ABOUT: JAringan PenceGAhan Korupsi (Corruption Prevention Network) or JAGA, was initiated by the Corruption EradicationCommission (CEC) in 2016. JAGA encourages transparency and good governance practice in public services. Users are able to monitor, discuss, and report if there are any corruption indications. To prevent and monitor corruption regarding COVID-19 pandemic social aid, in May 2020 JAGA introduced the JAGA Bansos (JAGA Social Aid) feature, in which users are able to find information about social aid and report findings of mistargeted or fraudulent act upon the social aid which further will be responded to by the local governments and responsible ministry.

Learn more about this project on the World Justice Challenge website.

Very interesting project! We are also focusing on governance in public services during the COVID-19 pandemic. What were some of the major trends in your findings?

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Thank you Kurt! I also found your project very strong and impactful, glad we share the same vision towards good governance.

The major trends we found from JAGA Bansos’s complaints are how the quality of staple foods (the COVID-19 social aids are distributed in the form of staple foods and cash) received are sometimes poor or in insufficient quantity, which can be an indicator of corruption (later, it is proven that the Minister of Social Affair has allegedly committed fraudulent act and now under investigation) . Thus, since 2021, the government decided to continue the social aid program but all in the cash form so it is more trackable and easily controlled.


Thank you Elisabeth - what an impactful and tragic investigation. I hope the citizens of Indonesia benefit from this transition to cash.