HONORABLE MENTION: Tecnopolis 2020: The Awakening

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Tecnopolis 2020: The Awakening
Consejo Nacional Anticorrupcion, Honduras

ABOUT: Tecnopolis 2020: The Awakening, is the third edition of the technological event organized by the CNA, in which it is made known through a short film in 360 ° format and in high definition, available for social networks and cinema, the effects of corruption, recreated in virtual models, on the precariousness that is being experienced in the triage centers installed to serve the population affected by Covid-19. The purpose of this project is to be a knowledge management space through which the public is sensitized, educated and empowered for their active participation in the fight against corruption. Given the weak transparency, accountability and ineffectiveness of the Honduran government in the administration of the approved resources to attend the Covid-19 pandemic, CNA carried out social audit and investigation actions, which resulted in 12 reports called “Corruption in Covid-19 times”, where the overvaluation of prices was identified, which represents an economic damage that exceeds L 800 million. Documentation of these irregularities was the basis for the presentation of 15 complaints to the competent authorities and to the general public, thus generating greater awareness and empowering the population to demand due accountability. [Note: This project was originally submitted as two separate entries, which WJP has combined for the purpose of joint consideration. Please see both application forms in the accompanying documentation.

Learn more about this project on the World Justice Challenge website.

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Tecnopolis 2020: The Awakening. As an innovating mechanism to promote social awareness about corruption´s harmful effects, the short film *Tecnopolis HN 2020: The awakening , was created and disseminated through social media; in which it is presented the precariousness of triage centers where population affected by Covid-19 are treated.

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Felicidades, equipo de CNA! Admiro mucho como el proyecto de Tecnopolis usa elementos digitales y los redes sociales.

Muchas gracias KGarcia!