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Hi there,

My name is Lieke and I am the founder and CEO of Visual Contracts ( We are making the law more understandable to eradicate power imbalances and create equal opportunities for all. Since you need to understand the law to be able to use it and have proper access to it. Looking forward to connect with you all.



Hello, Lieke, and welcome to the platform! What a great way of improving access to justice, among other topics. The power imbalances that come with understanding the law are a significant issue, and I commend you for your work! We would love for you to introduce yourself in the new user page here and take a look through any of our other topics to share your thoughts!


Hello Everyone, Hello @KDorier
I am Jean-Claude Barakamfitiye, I work for Burundi Bridges Bridges (BBJ) to Justice. I am excited to be part of this discussion forum as contact person of the BBJ Project: “BBJ Pro Bono Lawyers Provide Access to Justice and Prevent Torture of Burundi’s Most Vulnerable”. Thank you.

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Welcome @jcb ! Glad to have you here :slight_smile: we look forward to learning more about your project! Also, if you have any specific resources about the overall situation on access to justice in Burundi, please feel free to share them in the access to justice for all section!

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Je m’appelle Najla , je suis nouvelle diplômée en mastère de recherche en droit public . Je suis membre active dans une centre stratégique de la promotion du développement durable .je suis ravi d’être avec vous et je suis intéressée par tous les sujets qui se focalisent sur la justice social, droit de l’homme , la lutte contre la corruption et développement durable …

@KDorier Thank you for your welcome note. I will look if there is an interesting resource on access to justice for all that is worth sharing

Hi @Najla, thank you for introducing yourself! Based on your work and your interests you might want to check out our Fundamental Rights and Non-Discrimination and Anti-Corruption and Open Government topics. You could also post about your own work in those categories. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please continue to post in the language you prefer; we do not provide translation on this platform, so our responses will always be in English.

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Merci Saldrich pour votre message de bienvenue , bien sur il y a des projets qui nous serons travailler avec mon association bientĂ´t et je les publierai en anglais sur votre plateforme .
Cordialement .

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Hello Mrs Saldrich,I’m glad to be with you and thank you for all assistance .

Hello, I’m a former member of the team at WJP, now serving as a volunteer officer to help support the work in other ways. It’s great to see old friends and new on this platform, and I look forward to learning about all of your amazing work!

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Hello, my name is Inga Pagava, and I represent Public Verdict Foundation, a human rights organisation based in Moscow, Russia. The project we proposed for WJP is called Gray Zone, it is a combination of an interactive map registering validated covid reports from prisons and detention centers and a set of legal assistance provided by a group of lawyers and hr organisations. Happy to present our team’s work at this international platform.


Hello and “welcome back” to WJP! :slightly_smiling_face: It’s wonderful that you’re still supporting the work and will get to interact with friends while learning more about our topic areas and finalists. Feel free to take a look through the different threads and share any resources or insight you may have!

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Welcome, Inga - we are so happy to have you here! Your work is so interesting and important, and we cannot wait to learn even more about it as you present and answer questions as a finalist. You can find your project’s page here to speak more about it or respond to commentary. I look forward to gaining more insight into accountable governance through your contributions!

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je m’appelle Andy Katompa,je suis un activiste engagé vivant en RD defends les droits et libertés des peuples autochtones marginalisés depuis de decenies dans notre pays.
je defends la justice au sein de curtis busines avec mes collegues engagés.

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Welcome, Andy! We are so happy to have you here. It is so important to protect the rights of marginalized persons and preserve access to justice for all, so thank you for your activism! You may find that some of our finalist projects are interesting, particularly those in fundamental rights and access to justice: those pages can be found by clicking here. You can also contribute any insights you have to the fundamental rights or access to justice discussion topics. We do not have translation services available through the platform and all responses will be in English, but please feel free to continue commenting in your preferred language.

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Hi everyone, I am a Lawyer who coordinates the Nigerian mission of Avocats Sans Frontières France. I have interests in International Law, accountability programs, torture and death penalty eradication, Human Rights enforcement at national and regional level and Children’s Rights. We carry out justice reform activities in the Nigerian justice sector and promote access to justice for victims of torture, extra judicial killings and persons facing arbitrary detentions and the death penalty. I am so glad to be here. I look forward to learning from the incredible work of other colleagues on the platform and to contribute to a global justice reform.

Hello, Angela–welcome to the platform! We’re so happy you’re here. Your work sounds so interesting and important to the progression of fundamental rights. If you have any insights or resources to share, please feel free to contribute them! The fundamental rights category may be most interesting to you, but you’re welcome to browse through them all!

Hi my name is Saleem Sheriff . I’m an SAP Security and GRC specialist with the background in SAP Hana Cloud for security systems. As part of the security governance is to ensure the systems are safe and adequate access are granted only to right people and governance process are followed across the enterprise SAP and cloud applications.

I am glad to be part of this world justice project community and exited to learn and share more about the justice programs . I am glad to be part of this global network, with profound and knowledgeable network from different parts of the globe. I love helping communities so looking forward to learn more on various initiatives from experts and learn on how to keep our community and justice system safe. Thanks

Hi I am from Myanmar and new user of world Justice Project. My name is saw tin oo and i am really interesting this project. Nice to meet you.

Hi @SHERIFF, welcome to the platform! I’d like to know more about your work in security governance. If you have a minute maybe you could post about your work in the accountable governance category?