Inua Mama Fua by Dhobi Women Network

Women domestic workers work in an unregulated environment, which exposes them to violations in regards to employment rights, unfair remuneration, and bad working conditions. This group of workers is employed casually without any form of written agreements, and, as such, the terms of engagement are limited to an individual commitment to the tasks and payments. The Inua Mama Fua project tries to address the vulnerabilities faced by women domestic workers in urban towns. With the ongoing pandemic, the cases of abuse are increasing each day as the women are exposed to underpayment and arbitrary arrest by police and county officials for alleged loitering on the street with an intention to commit a felony. Due to lack of proper and well-coordinated communication channels to protect their rights and report any form of abuse, the majority of the women domestic workers end up not only being arrested but also being unfairly accused with lack of legal representation. The outbreak of COVID-19 continues to make the situation worse since many have lost jobs and employers are no longer engaging their services. The few who are lucky to get some form of casual work end up without full pay or no pay at all. Domestic work is isolated and coupled with the lack of a proper system of collective organizing, the few strides that have been made in protecting the rights of such workers have been watered down as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Many organizations working on gender-based violence have reported an increase in gender-based violence cases across the country, with the majority being reported in Nairobi and other towns. Therefore, proper coordination and organizing using ICT can act as an enabler in reporting and intervening where rights are being violated.

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Thank you for sharing @George_Njeru ! This is such important work that you are doing and we want to be able to highlight it appropriately. For everyone else, please visit the Inua Mama Fua page under Finalist Projects for more information: FINALIST: Inua Mama Fua