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Good Morning,

This is Miklos Ligeti from Transparency International Hungary Foundation, one of hte finalists. Our project’s title is " A Civil Campaign to End Abuse of Government Powers".

This e-mail serves to introduce myself and the organisation I represent.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

best regards,

miklos ligeti

Hi all! At SEMA we offer a hardware feedback device and mobile feedback tools for citizens to rate their encounter with a public office, report corruption and share how they think the public service can be improved. More info can be found on our website www.talktosema.org . I’m curious if anyone else has used hardware to fight corruption or increase government transparency?

Hi @NathalieEJD ! Thanks for sharing! @nelsonmau was actually just sharing with me the work that his organization AppaltiPOP does and it seems like there’s a lot in common! They developed a project that makes public sector data more accessible and increases transparency in the challenging public procurement sector in Italy. This article from the Open Contracting Partnership explains more: AppaltiPOP: Accountability for Italy’s public contracts - Open Contracting Partnership

@nelsonmau I’m sure Nathalie would like to learn more about the project, if you would be happy to share?

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Hello everyone, I am Frei from Layertech Labs! We are one of the finalists, with our project: "OCDex: An Open Contracting Analytics Research Platform for Business Intelligence and Stakeholder Monitoring of Philippine Procurement"

Transparency and access to information, and social justices comes hand in hand. While we have access to procurement contracts via our PH Procurement law, many stakeholders, as we have observed, could NOT get proper access to these information. They have these CSV-formatted datasets published online, but its not in a format that is encouraging to look at, for your non-tech person.

So what we did, is we, and our partners, collect, scrape, and pre-process these procurement information and publish them in machine-readable format. We developed tools that automatically visualize these information, making it easier for stakeholders to inspect and monitor government contracts. Power of ICT!

In the past few years, we teamed up with CSOs and University Researchers, and came up with findings, researches, use-cases, policy and practice recommendations, to make the procurement process more efficient, transparent, and inclusive. It is a work in progress (everything is a work in progress, and will always have room for improvement) so please feel free to share your thoughts, insights, questions about our work’s in our project page.

Thank you!

Fun fact: OCDex is named after Pokemon’s “PokeDex”, wherein you can track details about Pokemon! Here, you can track details about Government Contracts!

Fun fact2: Majority of the main project members are all under 30, and many of our volunteer researchers are from the youth sector, and students! (Hence the Pokemon reference!)


Hi @freisangil ! Thanks for sharing about your project! As a Pokemon fan myself, I am very inspired by your originality :smiley:

These types of tools are also the future and I would love to learn more! Would you be able to tell us a bit more about how you developed the machine learning tool and maybe provide us with an example of its impact in the anti-corruption and open government section of the forum?

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Hi everybody!
My name is Shahjahan, I represent millions of stakeholders of southern districts of KPK Pakistan. Women, men and children of this area confront water scarcity due to negligence of local, provincial and federal governments. Even international community is absent from the scene to help these women, men and children. Quality of and quantity of drinking water is extremely poor. There is no water to grow food. Millions are too weak to combat climatic changes, I would like to draw attention of water experts to take notice of the deteriorating situation. Situation may improve if corruption of scarce financial resources is checked.