The local police as problem and solution on public security and impunity in Mexico:

On September 23, 2020, the World Justice Project and the Mexico Institute of the Wilson Center jointly convened a virtual round table to discuss interrelated problems arising from impunity and insecurity in Mexico, as well as the role of the municipal police force. In its form of obstacle and at the same time an agent of change. In accordance with non-attribution rules, the so-called Chatham House Rules, the World Justice Project Mexico team prepared this report to address some of the main issues, practical experiences, and proposals for reforms that emerged from the meeting.

This link is completely in English - Public Security and Impunity in Mexico: The Local Police as Problem and Solution | Wilson Center
This one is in Spanish - Seguridad pública e impunidad en México: la policía local como problema y solución - World Justice Project (México)

Thank you for sharing @fomede ! Could you tell us what the main takeaways were from the session?

@KDorier and @fomede check out this video to understand the problem:

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Thank you for sharing @Natjardon ! Such an amazing video and really shows the complexity of the issue.


The top you have raised is very important because all of us will learn more about the issue at hand. In Malawi we also experience the same problem. Now it seems little by little the impurities such as rape have been minimized due to the influence of law enforcers and all stakeholders in Malawi. Thanks for your topic.
Malankie John Gondwe
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This video is spot-on - cheers to your team! We face similar intersecting issues in Honduras - lack of trust in the system, a legal system that tires and revictimizes, poorly trained and paid police. The police purge in Honduras was a first step to addressing some of these issues, but there’s a lot more to be done. Our survey of police, detainees, and complainants taught us a lot of the ongoing systemic justice barriers: