Transnational Organized Crime

Starting a Sub-topic on transnational organized crime, to gather resources and information that explore its relation to corruption, state capture, and trust in institutions.

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Sobering piece on these topics and how the pandemic is exacerbating the situation in Latin America and beyond. How Transnational Crime Is Mutating in the Age of COVID-19 in Latin America

Thank you for posting, @EAndersen. The article mainly mentioned the governments’ role in combatting the rise and mutation of transnational crime; I wonder what the role of other actors, such as civil society, would be in assisting to deter these organizations?

An additional piece on this topic: Unstoppable Networks: How Transnational Organized Crime is Thriving During the Pandemic – Iris Raith – International Association for Political Science Students

I want also to share topic related on transnational organized crime, corruption and terrorism: Just follow the link: Dropbox - CORRUPTION and TERRORISM.pdf - Simplify your life

Thanks for sharing this paper! The intersection between corruption and terrorism is interesting and an important factor to consider in anti-corruption efforts. Do you know of any examples or efforts governments have taken to combat this link?