What steps can local governments take to improve anti-corruption policies?

You’re a local government and thanks to the Mexico States Index, you now know you need to work on anti-corruption. But where do you start? What have the states that are doing well, done? The Mexico Index team looked at State Development Plans, and found that the better and precise these plans were, the better a state would do in this factor. Have a look at the innovative work the team did, as well as the webinar our ROL Projects Director Alejandro for this occasion. (The link is in Spanish, if you would like more details in english, please feel free to reach out)


Thanks for sharing! This is really interesting.

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Thanks for posting and welcome to the platform @Natjardon ! Would you mind sharing the key takeaways from the analysis?

Of course:

  • Corruption is a systemic phenomenon, transversal to the whole of the rule of law in Mexico and, as such, one of its main challenges.

  • Public management instruments can explain the differences shown by the states in their results of absence of corruption.

  • Policy plans that recognize corruption as a cross-cutting problem, that indicate the interactions and responsibilities of actors, systems and regulations that interact in the control corruption, and that have clear and measurable objectives, are essential for obtaining favorable results in the control of corruption.

State development plans were analyzed for 10 indicators to control corruption (Inclusion of Topic, Multifaceted, Systemic Focus, Indicators, Norms, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-restraint)

The states that best performed were those with a full use of 10 indicators in their development plans, while those that performed the worst only used a couple.

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Hi Natjardon! So interesting to read more about what you’re platform in Mexico. I’m curious to learn more about the factors that can lead to a better anti-corruption policy in a state: what are some of the ‘public management instruments’ you have seen being effective ?